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Q. What is the difference between the Alcatel 8008 & 8009 Series?
The 8009 are Digital Phones, the 8008 are IP Phones.

Q. Can I use a corded headset with the Alcatel 8000 Series?
Yes. All models have an integrated 3.5m headset jack. The Alcatel 8068 & 8068BT have integrated Bluetooth technology which supports Bluetooth headsets

Q. Do all Alcatel 8000 Models have Gigabit Ethernet?
The Alcatel 8028, 8038, 8068 & 8068BT have Gigabit Ethernet.

Q. What are the main differences between the Alcatel 8068 & 8068BT?
The 8068BT comes with a Bluetooth handset. The Alcatel 8068 supports this feature but comes with a corded handset.

Q. What Additional Key Modules dose the Alcatel 8000 Series Support?
All models support the use of Additional Key Modules. There are two Additional Key Modules to chose from: OXE (50 Additional Keys) & OXO RCE (120 Additional Keys).

Q. How are the Alcatel 8000 phones powered?
The Alcatel 8008 have integrated PoE, the Alcatel 8009 receive Power Over Digital Line. Both Alcatel 8008 & 8009 support an option transformer (Sold Separately).

Q. Are the Alcatel 8000 series wall mountable?
Yes a wall mounting kit is available (Sold Separately).

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