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On Premise Telephone Systems For Business

What is an on premise phone system?

Control costs, choose features, and add security to your phone system, without missing out on current technology, by choosing an On-Premise, Traditional PBX system.

On Premises Phone Systems are still very popular. This is because they offer a range of features available on VoIP systems, but you own the equipment and have control of all the features.

These systems now use SIP (Session Internet Protocol) trunks (or lines) – the same as VoIP – so you can benefit from the lower call charges by call over the internet.

Simple transfer of calls, Busy Lamp Fields on hardware, multiline phones, voicemail and call management and reporting systems are all available to the PBX user.

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Telephone System FAQs

  • Can the On Premises phone systems still benefit from cheaper calls over the internet?
  • Do I have to pay for the phone system immediately?
  • Are features such as call divert & voicemail available on a PBX phone system?
  • Is it possible to get maintenance for a refurbished or new phone system?

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