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  • What is a Huddle Room?

    In the field of communications we are often assailed by new terms - either to describe previously non existent technologies or as a novel form of reference to an established product or practice.
    In this way we have had headsets and telephones labelled ( correctly ) as endpoints and platforms evolving from Microsoft Lync to Skype for Business and branching out into Microsoft Teams.
    In a similar vein we see the small conference room labelled a huddle room - but what is it?

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  • Yealink CP900 Speakerphone Review

    In keeping with new movements in mobile workforce and the advent of a new breed of portable speakerphones for the provisioning of immediate conferencing on the move or the huddle room, Yealink have produced a high end, easy to use small speakerphone that can be set up easily and used with almost any communications device.
    The Yealink CP900 is a Premium portable USB/Bluetooth speakerphone for huddle rooms, personal use and on-the-go

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  • Product Spotlight : The Motorola T92 H20

    Every now and then we see a product which has form and function and then when we delve a little deeper we come to see that it has that little extra which makes it special.
    In this instance we came across the Motorola T92 H20 PMR 'walkie talkie' which has all the above. In its essence it is a simple Personal Mobile Radio.
    It is licence free, meaning that there are no associated operating costs and it is simple to use out of the box.

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  • Licence Free Radios for Business

    To an extent there can be seen to be two types of Motorola Licence Free radios, there are the consumer variety - aimed at primarily outdoor pursuits and the business type - designed with additional functionality for the user.
    That is not to say that either type can not be used in any environment, rather that they have their own specific advantages.

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  • The Jabra Panacast Solution

    As over half of remote meetings and conferences now take place in a smaller meeting room / huddle room the need for compact video links has never been greater and the Jabra Panacast fills that small gap.

    The Jabra Panacast has been, in the words of Jabra : "Engineered to be the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution". What is so good about it is that it is simple to set up ( plug and play ); it has astounding video quality ( 4k over 180° ) and it is unobtrusive. What is so special about it is the intelligence behind the camera.

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  • Choosing Motorola Walkie Talkies

    Motorola PMR446 Radios work straight out of the box ( after charging ), they require no ongoing costs and need no set up.
    They are extremely popular in areas where instant and easy communication may be needed - covering a range up to a few miles.
    Motorola radios are popular in situations such as restaurants, businesses, construction sites and schools.

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  • Equipment for Your Huddle Room

    From the impressive meeting room business has evolved the huddle room.
    Work practices and economy have dictated that short, more intimate and focussed meetings are better for collaboration, whilst breaking down larger meeting rooms into smaller ones allows more meetings to be conducted concurrently.
    Whilst this has changed the way in which many of us work, it has also led to technological innovation to support the huddle room.

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  • PMR for the Outdoor Life

    If you are the sort of person that likes outdoor activities a good licence free radio can be of great use. It can be a useful tool in coordination, a fun thing to have or it can save your life in an emergency. Motorola design and manufacture market leading PMR446 radios which can be used for many outdoor pursuits. Personal mobile radios are increasingly popular for hikers, cyclists, fishing,
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  • Meet the Sennheiser Headset Families

    Sennheiser have introduced a way in which to differentiate working styles and, hence, classify to an extent their ranges of business headsets.
    These have been called families - the product portfolios being IMPACT, ADAPT and EXPAND.

    So let us describe how these terms reflect the way in which people work, the environment in which they work and the type of headset that they could find most suited to their requirements.

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  • Speakerphones - Small Conference Phones

    The rapidly evolving workplace and business practices have led to more mobile workers. Unified Communications has taken situational freedom even further than the BlackBerry did whilst there has been a small revolution of identity whereby staff have taken on some of the aspects of the freelancer which has made working from home or working on the road more acceptable.

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  • Peltor LiteCom Ear Defenders - Work and Talk

    Peltor's LiteCom Ear Defenders offer the ultimate in hearing protection whilst allowing communications in noisy environments.
    They are rugged headsets which have been designed and manufactured to the highest levels in order to protect the hearing in situation such as manufacturing, recycling plants, factory tours, airport workers, construction, military - indeed and area of work where there are high noise levels and a level of communication is desirable.

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  • Dolby - Sound Supreme

    Dolby, long a name associated with the highest levels of sound performance also design and manufacture a range of conferencing solutions for business. This includes not only the collaborative tools such as the Dolby Conference Phone but also the HDR Dolby Voice Camera and the Voice Hub. In conjunction these can be put together to for the Dolby Voice Room - an arena of unparalleled natural feeling conferencing which couples ease of use with a stunning audio and video experience.

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