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  • Remote Education Solutions

    How to educate if your school-college-university is closed?

    At Best4Systems we have always striven to supply our clients with all the communication tools they need, for any circumstance.

    The virus has also placed strain on the essential services we all rely on; such as hospitals and healthcare professionals, emergency services and educational facilities.
    All have had to evaluate how best to deal with the situation. As a result, it may the case that some students have to study from home.

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  • Business - Self Isolation - Coronavirus

    Schools, Businesses and families all over the world are bracing themselves for the possibility of what could approach a pandemic. The Coronavirus, though not with a high mortality rate, poses serious risks due to its apparent ease of transmission. From an outbreak in the Far East it has developed into a threat which has already led to the cancellation of major events worldwide.

    The international symbol for business is two hands shaking - nowadays this concept has to be revised and many businesses are looking at options to create some level of isolation within their organisations.

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  • Best Noise Cancelling Headsets 2020

    The ever increasing deployment of customer services operations into dedicated offices or call centres has made the provisioning of good noise cancelling headsets a necessity. Noise cancelling headsets block out background noise which can be distracting for both the worker and the customer and allow clear and concise transmission of voice. We, here, have had a look at some of the best noise cancelling headsets available from the top manufacturers : Sennheiser, Jabra, Plantronics ( now known as Poly ) and Avalle.

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  • Sennheiser : The way we work

    Insights and perspectives on the evolution of work THE WAY WE WORK IS UNDERGOING AN EVOLUTION Over the last decade, we have witnessed an evolution in work-spaces and the way we work. Working styles and preferences are changing, and technology continues to advance. As organisations fight to attract the most...
  • The New Konftel 800

    With its sleek form factor end cascading feature the Konftel 800 looks to become an extremely popular conference phone for business meetings.
    With more and more people working remotely and with businesses often in many buildings in a variety of locations, the facility to hold a business meeting in a conferencing or huddle room is a great bonus. Of course there are savings in both cost and in CO2 emissions as a result.

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  • Peltor - Top Gear Ear Protection

    If you are involved with a job, profession or pastime which is associated with a high level of noise then some sort of ear protection is a must. If, further, you have the need to communicate with others - or just want to be able to hear if an alarm goes off then protective headsets with integral communications will likely be something of interest. This comes down to the need to protect yourself from noise but in a professional environment also your employer has a legal responsibility to protect you from potentially harmful sounds under the Noise at Work Directive.

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  • Jabra Engage and Evolve Overview

    A good business headset is more and more crucial for your working day with many variations in form and function. Jabra design and manufacture some of the most popular ranges of business headsets and, here we have a look at the primary ranges, the Evolve and the Engage, and some of their constituent models in order to see how they are differentiated.

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  • The Yealink MVC System Solutions

    Yealink have recently brought to the market some great turnkey solutions for the meeting room. Unified Communications and, perhaps more notably, Microsoft Teams have ushered in a new era of remote collaboration with the MVC systems. These systems include all one requires for the set up and operation of a seamless meeting/ conference/ huddle room environment in your office. These systems are fully certified and integrated with Microsoft Teams which allow great gains in efficiency and productivity.

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  • Siemens and Unify

    Siemens as a company was founded in 1847 and perhaps its greatest early achievement was the construction of a telegraph line between London and Calcutta, this line was in use for 60 years, only falling out of favour due to the advent of wireless communications.
    Of late Siemens has become synonymous with communications - the company being responsible for supplying large scale telecoms networks - having moved from transport, industry and 'defence' technologies. In the latter twentieth century Siemens evolved, expanded and took over more companies to become a global player in the provisioning of networks of all types.

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  • Green Giveaway

    Here at Best4Systems we have always been concerned about the environmental impact of our work and practices.
    We have always vetted our suppliers for corporate responsibility in these areas and are conscious on every level of all working processes and their potential implications to the balance of the planet.
    We do understand that there is nothing quite so dispiriting as hearing someone listing their virtues so I will get to the point on some real matters and how we are making a difference.

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  • Sennheiser Launch New Teams Enabled SP 30T

    The latest collaborative endpoint from Sennheiser's Expand range is the Sennheiser SP 30T. The "T" standing for Microsoft Teams. This is the new speakerphone in the SP range which has brought us the SP 30 and SP 30+ . These speakerphones are made from premium materials, designed for optimum ergonomics ( thought has been put into the build ) and deliver stunning sound quality.

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  • The New Grandstream GRP2600 Telephones

    Grandstream are a leading provider of technical solutions and endpoints for enterprise VoIP and have brought out several new desktop models.
    When we look at the new IP Phones from Grandstream we are drawn to the fact that these are labelled 'Carrier Grade IP Phones'. This may be a terminology unfamiliar to many so we will start out by trying to describe succinctly what Carrier Grade refers to and why the Grandstream 2600 series telephone models are considered as such.

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