SIP, VOIP & IP Phones

SIP, VOIP & IP Phones

VoIP phones along with SIP phones, use an internet protocol that allows phones to connect to either a LAN connection or a wireless connection, and make phone calls over the internet as opposed to through conventional telephone lines. The reduction in telephone bill costs can be significant.

Many new VoIP phones also incorporate SIP ( Session Initiation Protocol ) to connect between users. SIP can enhance the experience of using VoIP phones as it allows users to include multimedia in their conversations. Many people in the VoIP phones community have embraced the development of SIP technology which is in it's infant stages but has the potential to bring about substantial changes to P2P communications.

VoIP phones come in many shapes and sizes and we present to you a wide range of models from leading manufacturers including corded and cordless VoIP phones and even a SIP enabled phone that can double as a mobile phone.

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  1. Aastra M685i 28 Key Colour LCD Expansion Module
    With 3 modules available per phone, a maximum of 84 physical keys and 252 keys can be added.
    £150.00 £125.00
  2. Snom D710 VoIP Phone
    Snom D710 VoIP Phone - Features include 4 SIP identities, 5 function keys, 4 context sensitive keys, 2 Ethernet ports wi...
    £86.40 £72.00
  3. Nortel 1200 IP 12 Key Self Labeling LCD Expansion Module
    The keys on the expansion modules are programmable keys with an LCD display. The system administrator programs these key...
    £117.60 £98.00
  4. Alcatel Temporis IP100 VoIP Phone
    The Alcatel Temporis IP100 is a simple 1 line VoIP deskphone features include 1 SIP account, a headset port, 10 function...
    £48.00 £40.00
  5. Alcatel Temporis IP150 VoIP Phone
    The Alcatel Temporis IP150 is a efficient 2 line VoIP deskphone for users looking to expand their current system. The ma...
    £57.60 £48.00
  6. Alcatel Temporis IP251G VoIP Phone
    The Alcatel Temporis IP251G is a compact VoIP deskphone that features 2x SIP accounts, PoE and 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports...
    £61.20 £51.00
  7. Alcatel Temporis IP301G VoIP Phone
    The Alcatel Temporis IP301G is a professional VoIP desktop phone that features an integrated DECT Base that enables you ...
    £80.00 £80.00
  8. Alcatel Temporis IP701G VoIP Phone
    The Alcatel Temporis IP701G is a professional deskphone that features a DECT Base that allows you to connect a cordless...
    £110.40 £92.00
  9. Alcatel Temporis IP901G VoIP Phone
    The Alcatel Temporis IP901G is a executive-level deskphone with with a DECT Base that enables you to connect a cordless ...
    £168.00 £140.00
  10. Grandstream GXP1760 IP Phone
    The GXP1760 Mid-Range IP phone with a sleek look is ideal for moderate call volumes, features include 6 lines, 3 SIP acc...
    £64.80 £54.00
  11. Mitel MiVoice 6930 IP Phone
    The Mitel MiVoice 6930 is a flexible IP Phone for users who need a phone that can be tailored to their specific communic...
    £224.40 £187.00
  12. Grandstream GXP2130 V2 IP Phone
    The Grandstream GXP2130 V2 8 dual colour BLF extension keys, 4 programmable keys, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, HD audio qua...
    £86.40 £72.00
  13. Mitel MiVoice 6920 IP Phone
    The Mitel Mivoice 6920 is a flexible IP phone for users who demand a modern design and high quality communications exper...
    £180.00 £150.00
  14. Polycom VVX300 HD Voice Phone
    The Polycom VVX300 is an entry level business phone with HD voice quality for exceptional clarity.
    As low as £66.00 £55.00
  15. Grandstream GXP1620 IP Phone
    The Grandstream GXP1620 is a an ideal tool for small businesses who require a feature packed IP telephone...
    £48.00 £40.00
  16. Yealink SIP-T40P Entry Level IP Phone
    The SIP-T40P is a feature-rich SIP phone that enhances daily business processes. Enjoy HD voice clarity, 3 VoIP account ...
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  17. Panasonic KX-NT560 IP Phone
    The Panasonic KX-NT560 is a executive IP telephone with a large LCD display and integrated Bluetooth technology. The KX-...
    £244.80 £204.00
  18. Polycom VVX101 Single Line Business Phone
    The Polycom VVX 101 Business Media Phone is a single line business telephone that offers high quality audio as well as h...
    £62.40 £52.00
  19. Grandstream GXP1630 IP Phone
    Grandstream GXP1630 IP Phone is a high-end IP phone for small business users in a suite of powerful VoIP features in an ...
    £72.00 £60.00
  20. Siemens OpenStage 20 HFA System Telephone
    The phone OpenStage 20 HFA is part of the OpenStage phone family. It can be used in a HiPath 500, HiPath 3000 or HiPath ...
    As low as £74.40 £62.00
  21. Snom D315 IP Desk Phone
    The Snom D315 is a professional IP Desk Phone that is suitable for a wide range of environments including offices, call ...
    £105.60 £88.00
  22. Yealink T48 Wall Bracket
    The Yealink T48 Wall Bracket securely fits your Yealink T48 IP Phone to a wall.
    £8.40 £7.00
  23. Yealink SIP-T40G IP Phone
    The Yealink SIP-T40G IP Phone is a feature rich IP phone that is suitable for everyday office users. The Yealink SIP-T40...
    £64.80 £54.00
  24. Aastra 6869i SIP Phone
    The Aastra 6869i is the most advanced SIP telephone in the 6800 series supporting 12 lines, 12 programmable soft keys, 5...
    £198.00 £165.00
  25. Grandstream GXP2140 IP Phone
    The GXP2140 has two Gigabit Ethernet ports with integrated PoE. Fast network speeds of up to 1000Mbps make calls extreme...
    £102.00 £85.00
  26. Grandstream GXP1610 IP Phone
    The Grandstream GXP1610 IP Phone is suitable for small to mid sized businesses with high quality audio and range telepho...
    £40.80 £34.00
  27. Grandstream GXP1628 IP Phone
    The Grandstream GXP1628 is Linux based module and includes a LCD graphical display, 2 line keys, 3 XML programmable keys...
    £67.20 £56.00
  28. Polycom VVX411 HD Voice Gigabit Phone
    Give your front line staff the best experience with this high quality twelve line color business media phone and Gigabit...
    As low as £187.20 £156.00
  29. Polycom VVX600 Media Phone
    The Polycom VVX600 is a high end media phone with a large touch screen display. Key features include dual USB ports, dua...
    As low as £210.00 £175.00
  30. Polycom CX700 IP Desktop Phone
    The Polycom CX700 IP Desktop Phone is a high quality IP phone with a clear colour screen.. The CX700 can be connected ...
    £420.00 £350.00
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  31. Polycom CX600 IP Desktop Phone
    The Polycom CX600 IP Phone works as a desktop IP telephone which means that it broadcasts voice and data over the broad...
    £228.00 £190.00
  32. Polycom CX3000 IP Conference Phone
    The Polycom CX3000 Conference unit for Microsoft Lync Version 2010 or later.
    £532.80 £444.00
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  33. Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 HD VoIP Phone
    The SoundPoint IP 650 VoIP phone is a six-line desktop IP phone that delivers life-like HD Voice technology with wideban...
    As low as £66.00 £55.00
  34. Aastra 6865i SIP Phone
    The Aastra 6865i is an enterprise grade, SIP telephone that can support up to 9 lines. It is an ideal tool for small to ...
    £108.00 £90.00
  35. Aastra Ericsson Dialog 4422 IP Office Telephone
    The Aastra Dialog 4422 IP is a feature-rich phone offering the functionality needed for users working in office environm...
    As low as £48.00 £40.00
  36. Siemens Gigaset N300IP and C430H Handset Bundle
    The Siemens Gigaset N300IP and C430H handsets is a straight forward and great handling telephone that delivers brilliant...
    £87.60 £73.00
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  37. Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 HD VoIP Phone
    The IP 335 is equipped with Polycom’s wideband HD Voice which provides unsurpassed voice quality and clarity. Easy to re...
    As low as £60.00 £50.00
  38. Grandstream GXP2160 IP Phone
    The GXP2160 has 24 programmable BLF keys that allow quick and easy access to 24 contacts at just a push of a finger. Oth...
    £124.80 £104.00
  39. Grandstream GXV3275 IP Multimedia Phone
    The Grandstream GXV3275 combines 3 devices into one powerful IP video phone. The GXV3275 features a 6 line HD IP phone w...
    £192.00 £160.00
  40. Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 VoIP Phone
    As well as the traditional telephony features including hold, park, transfer etc, the Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 Phone of...
    As low as £28.80 £24.00
  41. Panasonic KX-NT546 IP Phone
    The Panasonic KX-NT543 is a executive IP Telephone with a 6 line LCD display and 24 programmable keys. Echo Cancellation...
    £202.80 £169.00
  42. Nortel 8840 IP Telephone
    The Nortel 8840 IP Telephone comes with a user friendly interface with fixed and soft key features for common telephony ...
    £108.00 £90.00
  43. Grandstream GXV3240 IP Video Phone
    The GXV3240 is a brilliant IP video telephone that would be suited for executives and business leaders, the main feature...
    £180.00 £150.00
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  44. Polycom CX500 IP Phone
    The Polycom CX500 IP phone features embedded Microsoft Skype for Business software, allowing it to be seamlessly deploye...
    £156.00 £130.00
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  45. ShoreTel 230G IP Phone
    ShoreTel 230G IP Phone offers 3 lines, large pixel display, fast Ethernet support and a headset jack, everything the mo...
    £306.00 £255.00
  46. Grandstream GXP2135 IP Phone
    The Grandstream GXP2135 IP Phone supports a multitude of advanced features including, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, and a...
    £86.40 £72.00
  47. Grandstream GXP2170 IP Phone
    The Grandstream GXP2170 is a top of the line IP Phone that offer advanced features including Bluetooth, 5 way conference...
    £124.80 £104.00
  48. Siemens Gigaset N300IP DECT-VoIP Base Station
    The Siemens Gigaset N300IP DECT Base enables you make analogue and VoIP calls from your Gigaset handset, make up 4 paral...
    £42.00 £35.00
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