Network Rail Telephony and Transport Communications



Network Rail have mandated the usage of DECT Duplex Communications for all workers on Network Rail activities - the 3M™ Peltor™ DECT-Com II™ System is perfectly placed to server the needs of rail workers, providing reliable, efficient communications as well as covering all safety aspects of such work.

Further to the team communications needs covered by Peltor are the GAI-Tronics products which are specially designed for outdoor and extreme environments. These include the Titan for Rail Outdoor emergency telephones which are finished in protective aluminium casing to withstand both vandalism and weather.


What is quite striking about Peltor's System is that you have wireless duplex at a high level. With normal radios the system carries one person's voice at a time; with the DECT-Com up to 9 users can indulge in a free conference. There is also the option of having up to 40 people monitoring a conversation who can break in and have their say at any stage. This high spec mobile communications system gives a high degree of sound whilst allowing team collaboration and project management. Naturally this system is fully compatible with Peltor Safety Helmets and Ear Defenders.

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