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With over 25 years experience in supplying and installing phone systems into private homes, private estates and yachts, we understand how to provide cost effective, discrete home communications to enhance and protect your home life experience.

Due to the size and structure of your building, being able to easily communicate with other people in your property may be a necessity or an important time saving solution.

At Best4Systems we offer a wide variety of communication solutions to meet your individual requirements and having effective internal communications doesn’t need to cost the earth, we offer both new and refurbished phone systems.

There are thousands of benefits in having an effective home phone system all of which save you time, make your life easier and make you and your family safer.

With prices starting from the equivalent of a large home appliance you may find internal home communications more accessible than you think.


Benefits of a home phone system

  • Ensure secure access for visitors and deliveries to your front gate
  • Easily call multiple people to dinner
  • Transfer external calls to other areas in the property
  • Save time by instantly paging the whole property for assistance
  • Call for help if you are struggling
  • Stay connected even when you are in the garden
  • Feel safer by being able to instantly communicate with other people in your property.
  • Decide which phones ring based on the time of day and day of week, minimising any disruption caused by late phone calls.


What type of home would be suitable for a phone system?

  • Multi storey dwellings with lots of stairs
  • Multi room properties
  • Multi occupancy properties
  • Properties with high value items
  • Properties in remote areas
  • Properties with grounds and outbuildings
  • Converted farms.
  • High tech properties with smart home features


Along with scoping an effective phone solution we carry out full phone system installation, including user training and ongoing support.

Phone system installation and telephone cabling will be carried out at a convenient time for you. A phone system is typically the same size as a large DVD recorder and can be wall mounted in a careful location. Internal cabling requirements between your rooms can be discreetly wired, hidden or you can adopt flexible DECT cordless solutions with excellent coverage.



  • Intercom calls between rooms either as one to one or one to many phones.
  • Transfer external and internal calls between handsets.
  • Incorporate external areas such as garages, conservatories and annexes.
  • Include long range IP rated cordless phones to cover large outdoor areas.
  • Secure gate and door entry solutions with intercom and door opening linked telephones.
  • Incorporate mobile devices with WIFI access.
  • Motion sensors and cameras.

We supply traditional phone system connecting onto residential phone lines, VoIP systems that connect your voice calls onto your broadband or closed internal only phone systems.

We work with your budget, your personal requirements and the property structure in order to tailor the best solution.

Phone systems are very robust and built to last so your purchase will provide excellent pay back over time with many phone systems lasting for 10 -15 years. It will also add value to your property if you look to sell in the future.

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