DAC Weatherproof Telephones
DAC Weatherproof Telephones

DAC Weather and Vandal Proof Telephones

DAC LTD designs and manufactures a range of ruggedised telephones, emergency telephones and help points. These phones are weather-resistant and vandal-proof and are suitable for deployment in harsh environments.

Included within DAC outdoor telephone range are the established DAC RA708 and RA711 series which are available in Analogue, GSM/GSM-R and VoIP.

DAC Weatherproof telephones are reliable, easy to install and manufactured in the United Kingdom to extremely high standards. Typically DAC outdoor telephones are used at airports, rail platforms, police stations, prisons, public areas and leisure centres.

DAC RA-708 Series Telephones

DAC RA-708 Series

Fully contained with a corrosion-resistant cast aluminium weatherproof case, the RA-708 series are ideal outdoor telephones for railways, power stations, police, armed services and more.
DAC RA-711 Series Telephones

DAC RA-711 Series

Vandal-resistant, ruggedised telephones, housed behind a stainless steel faceplate providing handsfree communications to airports, rail platforms, police Stations, HMP Prisons, hospitals and more.