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Q. What is the difference between the T4 & T4S series?
The Yealink T4S range is the upgraded version of Yealink's T4 Series, featuring updated firmware and improve scalability.

Q. How do I use the SMS Text function on my Yealink telephone?
You can create and edit SMS text messages by going to MENU -> Messages -> Text Message. Please Note: The SIP server you have registered with must support a SMS Text function.

Q. How do I find my telephones IP Address?
Press the OK button on the phone, the IP address will then be displayed on the display screen.

Q. What bottom lead do I need for my Plantronics headset?
You'll need a U10P-S bottom cable lead.

Q. What bottom lead do I need for my Sennheiser headset?
You'll need a CSTD01 bottom cable.

Q. The DTMF tones are not working, what can I do to fix this?
1) Please check what kind of DTMF you are using, and if it is compatible with our server. Confirm the require DTMF settings with ISP.
2) Consult the payload value with your ISP.

Q. How do I decline incoming call during a live call?
Turn off the "Call Waiting" Function. Incoming calls will then be refused while in conversation.

Q. Do the Yealink phones ship with a Power Supply Unit?
No, the Yealink SIP series all have integrated PoE. There are optional PSU available at extra cost.

Q. I'm looking for a noise cancelling Monaural corded headset for my Yealink SIP-T22P telephone, what would you recommend?
The Avalle AV601N is a high quality and low cost solution headset.


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