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Q. What's the difference between Revolabs and Yamaha?
Nothing! Revolabs was rebranded to Yamaha in late 2018, all the product have remained the same.

Q. What is the maximum amount of microphones I can pair to the FLX conference phone?
The FLX series can have a maximum of two microphone paired at any time.

Q. Can I use the Yamaha FLX VoIP on any VoIP call manager or network?
Your VoIP call manager must be SIP based. If you're not running a SIP based VoIP environment you will not be able to use the Yamaha FLX VoIP conference phone.

Q. Can I use the two microphone and handset at the same time?
No, when using the microphones they are your audio input source and the handset will not be active. When switched to privacy mode, the handset microphone becomes active and the wireless microphone are inactive.

Q. I'm unsure of what microphone set up I need, can you help?
Of course! Please call our team who will be able to advice the best configuration for your needs.


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