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Q. Can I still use the board if the pen of eraser is missing?
Simply cover the optical sensor with a pen lid or a sticky note to continue using your board until the tool is returned. You can also purchase replacement pens and erasers

Q. What happens if the boards surface is dented of punctured?
The behavior of both mouse and board become extremely erratic. Unfortunately SMART Technologies do not take boards back for repair, after shipping and labor costs you might as well of brought a new board. Keep desks, chairs and sharp object well away from the board

Q. Sometimes the board freezes or responds slowly, what should I do to fix this?
Check to see if your anti virus in running, save and close all running programs. Restart the computer. if the problem persists, contact you tech person.

Q. How do I know the board in communicating with my computer?
On the right hand side of the plastic border there is a set of LEDs, when flashing green the board is communicating with the computer. Flashing red will occur during start up. Solid red indicates now communication.

Q. How do I connect my computer to my to to my SMARTboard?

How to connect your SMARTboard to your PC