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Q. What is the difference between the T, HFA and SIP Series Phones?
The T Series are Digital Telephones. The HFA are "HiPath Feature Access" which combine the advantages of an IP based work station with the comprehensive feature set of an HiPath communications platform. The SIP are open source telephone and will work with ay telephone system.

Q. What documents are available for the OpenStage phones and where can I find them?
Visit our Siemens User Guides for a list of data sheets and user guides.

Q. Do the OpenStage series support MoH, if so what file types do they support?
In general MIDI and WAV files are support on all 4 phone types. The OpenStage 60 and 80 can play MP3 Files.

Q. How do I initiate a soft-restart?
Simultaneously push buttons 1 4 7 and enter the admin password.

Q. How do I initiate a factory reset?
Simultaneously press buttons 2 8 9 and enter the rest passwords.

Q. What are the default password for the OpenStage phones?

  • User menu: No password
  • Admin Password: 123456
  • Factory Reset: 124816

Q. What Add On Modules are available for the OpenStage series?
The following are avilalable:

Q. Do the Siemens OpenStage phones support Bluetooth headsets?
The Siemens OpenStage 60 and 80 have integrated Bluetooth technology for wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Q. Do I need a PSU when running the Siemens OpenStage 60 and 80?
The OpenStage 60 and 80 have large power requirements. We recommend you a PSU when running these phones


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