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Q. Will these phones work on a standard telephone line?
A. Yes, the Polycom SoundStaion 2 series are Analog telephone so can work on normal lines

Q. Will the unit work without the extendable microphones?
Yes, you can use just the the main unit for conferencing

Q. What is the maximum room size and amount of people I can conference with?
The SoundStation 2 can handle small to medium sized rooms. The maximum amount is 30 people, You will need the Polycom SoundStation 2 LCD EX

Q. Will these conference phone work on Digital lines?
No, the Polycom SoundStation 2 range are analog phones

Q. Dose a remote control come with the conference phone?
No, there is no remote control option for the SoundStaion 2 range

Q. Can I use my old extension mics with my new SoundStation 2?
No, only SoundStation 2 extension microphones will work. If you have the Polycom SoundStation 2 you will the SoundStation 2 Extension Microphones, If you have the SoundStation 2w you will require the SoundStaion 2w Extension Microphones

Q. Will the SoundStation 2 connect to a digital PBX?
Yes, you need a analog connection from a PBX analog line card or a third party adaptor

Q. What other SoundStations 2 configurations are available?
The SoundStation 2 range are as follows :

  • 2 Basic - With no LCD display
  • 2 LCD - With LCD display
  • 2 EX - LCD display and expandable
  • 2W Basic - Wireless version with LCD display
  • 2W EX - Wireless, expandable with LCD display


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