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Q. What are the W700 Series compatible with?
Mobile phones, PC, and Desk phones.

Q. How do I replace the ear tip on the Savi W730 / W730-M?
1) Push firmly on the ear tip. Turn it clockwise. Pull it off of the headset. 2) Fit new ear tips into the frooves on the headset. Turn them counter clockwise unit the ear piece locks into place.

Q. Is it possible to bring other headsets in to a conference call?
Yes, you can conference with up to three additional headsets with the master headset.

Q. What should I do if the battery life of my headset has significantly decreased?
Check the back of the base station to see if Wideband mode is enabled. When running wideband mode battery life will decrease by 3-4 hours.

Q. What does the "M" in the product description mean?
This indicated the product is Microsoft Lync Certified.

Q. How do I find out if The W700 series will work with my current phone?
Simply visit our Headset compatibility Guide.

Q. What type of wearing styles does the W700 Series offer?
The W700 Series cover almost every wearing style to suit every users needs, this includes one eared (Monaural) over the head, two eared (Binaural) over the head, over the ear and ear hook.

Q. Do You stock the replacement leatherette ear cushions?
Yes. Please Visit the Plantronics Savi Leatherette Ear Cushion page.


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