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Q. Will the CS range work with my current phone?
Wireless headsets are compatible with most telephones. Please use the Plantronics compatibility guide to help you with your choice.

Q. Will the CS range work with my PC?
No. These are designed with standard desk phones. If you need a headset for your PC, please check out the Plantronics W700 Range.

Q. Can I conference additional headsets on a call?
Yes. When on an active call, third parties who wish to join must simply dock their headset to the primary base station. This will then add them to the call once the primary user has accepted the request.

Q. What is the maximum amount of people I can conference with?
You can conference up to three additional headset to an active call.

Q. How do I answer calls when I'm not at my desk?
An EHS or Handset Lifter is required for remote answering.

Q. Can I use any EHS or Handset Lifter with my current phone?
Certain phones require specific EHS / Lifters. Finding out which one you need is easy, just visit the Plantronics compatibility guide.

Q. Can I have a two eared headset?
Yes, The Plantronics CS520 is a Binaural headset with all the standard CS500 features.

Q. Do I have to have an over-the-head wearing style?
No, the Plantronics CS530 is a convertible headset with a choice of three different wearing styles.

Q. What should I do if the battery life of my headset has significantly decreased?
Check the back of the base station to see if  Wideband mode is enabled. When running wideband mode battery life will decrease by 3-4 hours.

Q. How many models are there in the CS500 range?
There are 4 different versions available :


Plantronics CS500 Range


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