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Q. Does the Peltor Lite-Com feature ‘active’ noise protection?
Yes, un-harmful noise levels will be let through to the user but high impact noise levels will be killed instantly.

Q. How many users can communicate together?
As with all PMR products there are no limitations how many user can be connected.

Q. Can the Peltor Lite-Com be connected to another Bluetooth headset.
No. The headset is a slave device thus can only be connected to a master device such as a mobile phone or a media player.

Q. Can the Peltor Lite-Com Headset be connected to a mobile phone or MP3 player?
Yes it can via the Bluetooth facility.

Q. Does the Peltor Lite-Com Plus feature ‘active’ noise protection?
A. Yes.

Q. How is the Peltor Lite-Com Plus powered?
A. The device comes supplied with a rechargeable battery & charger.

Q. What is the difference between the Peltor Lite-com and Peltor WS Lite-Com?
The Peltor Lite-Comm is equipped with Bluetooth and Active Sound technology.


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