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Q. Are the Panasonic KX-NT Series telephone suitable for use with analogue lines?
No, they are Internet Protocol (IP) Phones.

Q. My existing telephone system is not made by Panasonic, will the KX-NT series still work?
The KX-NT series are not open-source telephones. These are propitiatory telephones designed for use with a Panasonic system.

Q. Do the Panasonic KX-NT telephones come with a Power Supply Unit?
The KX-NT phones are powered though PoE. If PoE is not available an optional PSU available for purchase. please see Panasonic KX-A239 PSU.

Q. What sort of audio quality can be expected from the Panasonic KX-NT Range?
The KX-NT range supports high quality narrowband and Wideband protocols with Echo Cancellation a Expanded Acoustic Chamber. In other words, High Definition audio quality.

Q. Can I use corded and cordless headsets with the Panasonic KX-NT series?
The majority of Panasonic KX-NT telephones support a 2.5mm Audio Jack. Other models in the range support Plantronics EHS switches and Bluetooth technology. Visit our Panasonic Telephone Matrix to find out more.


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