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Q: Will the message work with all of our lines on our phone system?
A: Yes! It will broadcast to all callers that are placed on hold. No matter if you have one or one hundred lines. Anytime the hold button is pressed your callers will hear the message.

Q: Do we need to write our own scripts?
A: Yes, then you can get exactly the message you want on your phone system. You are limited to 500 characters (per prompt) which is approximately 80 words with spaces. This is so the caller is not overwhelmed with information when put on hold.

Q: How often should we update our message?
A: That depends on your type of business. But generally speaking, your message should be updated to correspond with your marketing and promotional campaigns. The trend is to update every quarter to keep your message fresh to repeat callers.

Q: Can your service work with our automated attendant and voice mail system?
A: Yes! Depending on how your system is programmed, the message will appear every time the auto attendant places the caller on hold after entering the desired extension. Check with your reseller to see what system you have.

Q: Will on hold work with call waiting?
A: No. Because "call waiting" works with one line and does not "roll over" to another line. Therefore, it is not possible to broadcast an on hold message, radio or any other audio source with "call waiting".

Q: Does the message start from the beginning every time the caller is put on hold?
A: No. It plays randomly therefore allowing the caller to hear different areas of the message every time they're asked to hold.

Q: How long is the message?
A: Our standard message is 1-2 minutes in length. In which we can comfortably accommodate 2 different messages, with music background throughout.

Q: We're ready to get going! How do we get started?
A: Fill in the form by following the simple instructions and you’ll receive your message shortly!

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