Mitel 5200 IP Telephone Series FAQs

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Q. Are power adaptors shipped with the Mitels 5200 Series?

Q. Do the Mitel 5200 Series support headsets?
Yes. The Mitel 5212, 5215, 5224, 5235, 5330, 5340 IP telephones all have dedicated headset jacks or ports.

Q. Do I have to buy a separate power adaptor when I connect the IP PKM 12 / IP PKM 48 to my Mitel 5224?
The 5224 supports PoE that will power the both the phone and the PKM. If you are not using PoE then the universal 24V Power Adapter or 48V Universal Ethernet/AC Power Adapter can be used. The power adaptor will power both phone and PKM

Q. Is LIM supported on Mitel SIP phones?
No.The 5224, 5235, 5330, 5340 phones do not support Line Interface Module.

Q. What IP phones support the WLAN stand?
The WLAN stand is supported on the 5212,5215 ,5220, 5224, 5235 IP phones.

Q. Will the Mitel 5200 IP series work with non Mitel telephone systems?

Q. What is MiNET?
MiNET is a proprietary protocol from Mitel that carries keystroke information from a telephone to a control server mainly used on Mitel IP telephones

Q. What does Dual Mode mean?
Dual Mode refers to Mitel telephones being able to support both SIP and MiNET Protocols. This makes the phones more versatile


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