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Q. Will the Konftel 300W work with a standard telephone line?
Yes, the Konftel 300W is an Analogue device.

Q. How do I connect devices like my mobile and PC to these conference phones?
To connect other devices all you need are the correct connection leads.

Q. How do I make a VoIP call with my Konftel 300W?
You need to connect your unit to your PC via the USB port and have some from of internet calling software E.g Skype.

Q. Are there extension microphones available for sale?
Yes, be sure to check compatibility of your conference phone before you buy.

Q. How do I upgrade the software on my Konftel?
You can upgrade Konftel software by using USB or SD Memory card. You can find the latest software update on the Konftel web page: www.konftel.com/Support/Upgrade

Q. My Konftel 55 does not start, what should I do?
Use the power adapter and hold the mute-button while powering up the unit. This should boot the unit into upgrade. Upgrade the phone using the SD card or with konftel upgrade utility. Once the phone has upgraded successfully, you will be able to start your phone.

Q. Can I disable SD call recording?
It is possible to to deactivate call recording, however once it is deactivated it cannot be activated again.

Q. Why do I get a COM-ERROR 4 message when I insert my own SD card?
Some of the first Konftel 300s did not support all SD cards up to 2GB. It is recommended to use a Konftel SD card to overcome this problem.

Q. Can I record while not on a call?
Yes, the Konftel series can be use to record "local" meetings.

Q. Why use a headset on a conference call?
If an individual is standing away from the other participants, for example, in front of a white bored. It will also benefit colleagues with hearing impairments.

Q. How do I download the Konftel Unite App?
The Konftel Unite App is available for both IOS and Android and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play.


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