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Q. I cannot hear anything when using Jabra UC Voice?
Make sure to select the headset as audio device in the appropriate control panel on your PC also in the software you're using.

Q. Whats the difference between the Microsoft Lync models and the standard models?
The MS certified models have buttons that are programmed to support Microsoft Lync. A special hook button interacts with the Microsoft Lync software making it possible to exploit the functionality to the full.

Q. Can I use a MS Headset with a computer that doesn't support Microsoft Lync?
Yes, MS Lync models can be used in conjunction with other software as well as for conventional headset use, but the hook button will not be operational.

Q. What voice applications does my Jabra UC Voice support?
Jabra UC Voice Headset are compatible with all leading Unified Communication platforms and VoIP Clients including: Microsoft and Microsoft Lync, Office Communicator, Avaya, Cisco etc.

Q. Do Jabra UC voice headsets work with all computers?
Jabra UC Voice 150 and UC Voice 250 work with all PCs, Mac is not supported. Jabra UC Voice 550 and UC Voice 750 work with both PC and Mac as audio devices. Simply plug into the USB port and you're ready to go.

Q. Are Jabra UC Voice 150 and 250 compatible with Mac?
Only if they are "Version A".

Q. How do I tell if my Jabra UC Voice headset is "Version A"?
This can be found on the backside of the in-cord control unit. If "Ver:A." is printed on the back of the in-line control unit you have a "Version A".

Q. Do the Jabra UC Voice series support stereo?
The Binaural versions of the UC Voice headset support stereo sound.

Q. Are the Jabra UC voice headset compatible with Skype?
Yes, the Jabra UC Voice series are compatible with Skype.


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