Jabra GN2000 Series Headset FAQs

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Q. Can I use my phones corded headset with my computer?
yes, with the correct adaptor you can.

Q. Is There any difference in sound quality using the foam ear cushions compared to the leatherette cushions?
Leatherette Cushions provide better acoustic coupling between the ear and the headset and less around escapes.

Q. When I use my Jabra headset I can hear myself echo, how do I stop this?
Turn the Microphone level down via you amplifier until you find a level without any echo.

Q. People are unable to hear me when I use my Jabra headset, what should I do?
Check that you are using the correct bottom lead, different phone require different bottom leads. please visit our Headset Compatibility Guide for more information.

Q. Will the Jabra GN200 series work with mobile phones?
All are compatible with mobile phone except the USB versions

Q. I prefer two ear pieces rather than one, is this possible?
Yes. you can choose from the Jabra GN2000 IP Duo and Jabra GN2000 IP NC Duo.


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