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Q. What environment at the GCP IP phones suitable for?
Small to medium sized businesses.

Q. Do the GXP IP Phone support call recording or do I need to buy an Add On Module?
If the PBX or sever supports call recording so will the GXP phones. You do not need to buy an AOM to support this feature.

Q. How do I disable the personal information service (Weather/Stock/Currency)?
From the Web-Gui got to Basic setting and change weather stock and currency options to "No".

Q. How do I perform a factory reset of the Grandstream GXP1100/1105?
Pick up the handset and dial " *** ". Input "99" for rest option. Enter the MAC address. Once MAC address has been correctly input the phone will reboot. Otherwise it will announce "invalid Entry".

Q. Why is there an icon with a down arrow going into a basket on my display screen?
This icon is stating that the phone is writing files to the call record detail file. This happens either when the phone has been idle for 5 minutes or when the call records reach greater than 100 calls

Q. Are the GXP IP Phones wall Mountable?

Q. What's the difference between the GXP1610 and the GXP1615?
The GXP1615 has Integrated PoE.

Q. Why is there no sound coming out of the handset piece?
check the phone has audio through the speakerphone. if there is no problem with the speaker, check all connection points from the handset to the phone and ensure volume has been turned up.

Q. In the call log, how many entries are allowed for dialed, missed etc?

  • GXP21xx series supports 2000 in total
  • GXP1450 supports 500 in total
  • GXP140x series support 200 in total
  • GXP20xx series supports 50 entries in each call log.

Q. Will the GXP phones work on an traditional BT Analog line?
No, GXP phone are business IP phones and are not suitable for home use.

Q. Can I pair my iPhone to the GXP2140 / GXP2160 via Bluetooth?
Yes, The GXP2140 & GXP2160 are compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s. You can connect your iPhone via Bluetooth handsfree mode.

Q. When my iPhone is connected to GXP2140 / GXP2160 via Bluetooth, can I pick IP incoming GXP calls on my iPhone?
No, your iPhone cannot act as a bluetooth headset. Once connected via Bluetooth you can answer / end incoming calls from your iPhone on the GXP phone

Q. Is the wallpaper customisable on the Grandstream GXP2130 / GXP2140 / GXP2160
Yes. Go to Web GUI > Settings > LCD Display > Wallpaper to load your customised wallpaper image.

Q. Which GXP models support integrated Bluetooth
The GXP2130V2 - GXP2135, GXP2140, GXP2160 & GXP2170 support Bluetooth technology.


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