Gigaset IP DECT Compatibility

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 Gigaset N300IP Gigaset N510IP Gigaset DX800A Gigaset N720IP
A540H Tick Basic GAP Cross
C430H Tick GAP Basic Cross
R630H Pro Tick Tick Tick Tick
R650H Pro Tick Tick Tick Tick
S650H Pro Tick Tick Tick Tick
SL400H Tick Tick Tick Tick*
SL610H Pro Tick Tick Tick Tick*
SL750H Pro Tick Tick Tick Tick

*The Gigaset S510H, SL400 and SL610H require firmware version V53.05 (minimum) to work with the Gigaset N720IP Multi-Cell Station.

Basic: Basic handsets provide limited features (handsets can make & receive calls & use call hold & transfer). Features such as Gigaset info services, corporate directories and phone book features are not available.

GAP: Limited compatibility with the base station. A handset that is GAP Compatible can register to a base station and perform basic functions such as make and receive calls. Features including Missed Call, Message Waiting, Call Forward, Line Select are not available.