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Q. Is the Titan range water proof?
The Titan range are fully water, vandal and weather proof

Q. Is the Titan Suitable for explosive environments?
No, the Titan is not ATEX approved

Q. Can I have the Titan in a specific colour?
Yes, the Titan can be made to order to your cosmetic and technical specifications. Please contact us for more details

Q. How long does it to receive my order?
The Gai-Tronics Titan range is made to order and has a 4 to 6 week lead time

Q. Can the Titan be use by people who are hard of hearing?
Yes, the titan range have an inductive coupler fitted.

Q. What configurations of the Gai-Tronics Titan are available?
The following versions are available :

We currently have stock of the following Titan configurations :

  • Titan - Yellow 0 Button Steel Cord (2000l2b31111k2e)
  • Titan - Yellow 15 Button Steel Cord (2000c2b21111c2a)


If your question has not been answered please contact our expert team on 0844 824 6663

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