BT Versatility V Featurephone Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why does Caller ID not work on my BT Versatility Featurephones?
For the Caller Display service to work on standard exchange lines (PSTN lines) it has to be switched on in both the telephone exchange and on the BT Versatility system.

Q. Will the BT Versatility Featurelines work with non BT telephone systems?
No, they are only compatible with the BT Versatility Telephone system.

Q. What is the difference between the BT Versatility V8 and V16?
The V8 has 8 programmable keys and the V16 has 16 programmable keys.

Q. Can the BT Versatility range be used from a standard home telephone line?
The Versailtiy range is not suitable for home use.

Q. Will my plantronics HW251 headset will work with the Versatilty V16 Featurephone?
Yes, you will need a specific bottom lead. Please visit our Headset Compatiblity Guide to find out which on you will need.

Q. Are the these phones PBX compatible?


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