BT H Headset Series Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What down lead do I need for the BT H31/41 headsets?
You need the BT Smartcord For H31/H41 Headsets.

Q. What is the wireless range of the BT H55 cordless headset?
150 meters.

Q. Will the USB headset work with Mac?
What a good looking question, yes it will.

Q. What does PSTN stand for?
Please Visit our Glossary of Telephone Terms to find the meaning of PSTN.

Q. What is the Difference between the BT H51, the BT H52 and BT H55?
The H51 connects to Deskphones. The H52 connects to PCs (IP Softphones). The BT55 connects to Deskphones and PCs.

Q. What is the difference between the BT31 and BT H41?
The H31 has a QD connection point and connects to Deskphones. The H41 has a USB connection point and connect to PCs.


Please visit our BT Headset Matrix to quickly view the main differences in the BT H series.