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Q. Would the 2000 range be suitable for home use?
Yes, The BT 2000 series are analog phones.

Q. Do the 2000 range support headsets?
Yes all whole range are equipped with headset sockets.

Q. What are the main differences between the BT 2100 an BT 2200?
The BT 2200 has more speed dial keys and handsfree speakerphone operation.

Q. Which phones in this range are PBX compatible?
The whole BT 2000 range is PBX compatible.

Q. Can these phone be wall mounted?

Q. How do I set my BT converse to work with my switchboard?
Your BT Converse can be set to work with your switchboard by moving the switch on the underside of the phone to either P (pulse), T (Tone) or TB (Timed Break).


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