Avaya 9600 IP Series Frequenlty Asked Questions

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Q. How do I find out what headsets will work with the avaya 9600 series?
Simply use our Headset Compatiblity Guide.

Q. Can I use my Bluetooth headset with the 9600 series?
Yes, you will need the Avaya 9600 Bluetooth Adapter.

Q. Can the 9600 series be expanded?
The 9630 is the only expandable model in the range and can support up to 3 expansion modules.

Q. Are these phone suitable for home use?
No, they are not compatible with analog lines.

Q. Which Avaya 9600 IP phones support colour touch screens
The Avaya 9601, 9608, 9611G, 9621G and 9641G IP phones.

Q. What dos the "G" stand for on 9641G?
This indicates the phone supports Gigabit Ethernet.

Q. Can the 9600 series be powered through PoE?

Q. Do these phone support Bluetooth technology?
The Avaya 9641G IP support Bluetooth.

Q. What does the L stand for on 9620L?
This stands for Low Energy Consumption.


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