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Q. What does the 'N' mean at the end AV501N?
This means the headset has a Noise Cancelling microphone

Q. What is the difference between the AV501N and AV502N?
Simple the amount of ears the headset has. The AV501 is an Monaural headset and the AV502 is an Binaural headset

Q. What is the difference between the AV502N and the AV602N?
The AV602N is more recent, its has been designed with better build and sound quality

Q. I've damaged my voice tube beyond use, is this replaceable?
Yes, Please see the Avalle voice tube

Q. Can I use the Avalle AV601 and AV 602 with my PC?
You'll need a Avalle AV02 USB Lead to connect your headset to your PC. There is also a Microsoft Certified Avalle AV02 MS USB Lead if you require it.

Q. How often should I replace the ear cushions on my headset?
To prolong the life of your headset and keep good hygiene levels it is recommended to change the ear cushions and voice tubes every six months

Q. Is there a wireless version of these Avalle headsets?
There are no wireless Avalle headset as of yet

Q. I often have to move around my office, do I have to take my headset off each time I move away from my desk?
If the headset is equipped with a QD cable simply disconnected the lead to quickly free yourself from your work station


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