AudioCodes 400HD Series FAQs

A. Do the 400HD series support Gigabit Ethernet?
Q. Yes, all the HD support Gigabit Ethernet.

A. What are OPUS and SILK?
Q. These are codecs that are supported on the AudioCodes 400HD series. In short, all model in the 400HD series has excellent HD voice quality.

A. Does the AudioCodes 405HD come with a power supply unit?
Q. No. The AudioCodes 400HD range are PoE devices. A PSU can be brought separately*.

A. What is the difference between the AudioCodes 430HD and 440HD?
Q. The 430HD has 12 programmable keys with a paper insert whereas the 430HD 12 programmable keys on a dedicated LCD display.

A. What is the difference between the 450HD and C450HD?
Q. Both models are expandable and compatible with the AudioCodes Key Expansion module. The C450HD is a Microsoft Teams device that also features Skype for Business

A. Do all the models in the AudioCodes 400HD series feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology?
Q. The 445HD, 450HD and the C450HD all have integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Technology.

AudioCodes 400HD Series