Mitel SX 50 Telephone System

Mitel SX 50 Telephone System

The Mitel SX50 is the compact digital PBX business telephone system designed for small organizations (20 to 120 lines) that demand large system functionality at an affordable price.

User Features and Options

A proven, modular solution that is quick to install and easy to customize, the SX 50 delivers outstanding user capabilities and performance coupled with easy management and maintenance. Suitable for most business applications such as professional offices, manufacturing, retailers, and service industries, the SX 50 also provides specialized services required by the lodging and health care industries.

  • Automated Attendant
  • Increases business responsiveness by allowing call handling even when an operator isn’t present or available.
  • Integrated Voice Mail
  • An increasingly invaluable business tool, voice mail speeds and enhances communications – and ensures no call goes unanswered.
  • Call Forwarding
  • A variety of forwarding options are available to extension users, including forwarding to the attendant, a hunt group, an extension, or an external number.
  • System Speed Call
  • Allows extension users and the attendant to access up to 900 system wide pre-programmed directory numbers by dialing an abbreviated number.
  • Teleconferencing
  • Supports quick, easy conference call set-up.
  • Callback
  • If an extension or all outgoing lines are busy, the user can be automatically notified when the extension or a line is available.
  • Sub-attendant Functionality
  • Allows individual extension users to access functions such as placing a call on hold or forwarding a call.
  • Night Service
  • Switched on or off by the attendant or automatically, night service can direct all incoming or internal calls to specific answer points or night bells.

Simplified Telecommunications Management

Designed for easy installation, management and maintenance, the Mitel SX-50 also includes standard features that allow companies to track and control their telecommunications costs. These include:

  • Automatic Route Selection/Toll Control (ARS)
  • The SX-50 automatically selects the least costly way of routing a call. This feature can also restrict specific extensions from making specified types of calls (i.e. toll calls).
  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
  • This feature provides detailed records of calls made from each extension on the system.
  • Remote Maintenance Administration and Test (RMAT)
  • The SX-50 system can be remotely administered and tested.
  • Account Codes
  • Each extension on the system can be assigned a code in order to track and authorize outgoing calls for accounting purposes.
  • Alarm Indicators
  • If a fault is detected by SX-50 system diagnostics, an alarm rings and a lamp flashes at the Attendant Console. The attendant can display the alarm message and print it out via the system’s printer port.

Lodging and Health Care Industry Services

A proven and popular solution in the hotel/lodging and health care industries, the Mitel SX-50 supports specialized room management and call management services, including:

  • room status/staff in room
  • message waiting
  • do not disturb house phone/hotline
  • automatic wake-up/reminder
  • set wake-up from extension
  • station restriction
  • attendant-selectable toll control
  • off premises extension
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