J100 Series

Avaya J100 Series

The Avaya J100 series are highly functional IP Phones that will provide all the essential call-handling features your business requires.

Optimised for use on Avaya and selected non-Avaya servers, the Avaya J100 series uses a refreshed industrial design and friendly user interface which delivers a consistent installation and familiar user experience.

Minimum Platform Support:

  • Avaya Aura 6.3 FP4
  • Avaya IP Office
  • Broadsoft Broadworks R21SP1
  • Zang Office R1.0

To quickly compare the main features within the Avaya J100 Series, visit our Avaya J100 Series Telephone Matrix.

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  1. Avaya J129 IP Phone
    The Avaya J129 is a Entry-Level IP phone with a single line that is ideal for deployment in location-based. Features inc...
    £69.60 £58.00
  2. Avaya J139 IP Phone
    The Avaya J139 is a mulitple line IP phone that features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, large colour display, 4 LED status...
    £133.20 £111.00
  3. Avaya J169 IP Phone
    The Avaya J169 is a high performance IP Phone that features large grayscale display, 4 soft keys, 8 dual colours LED key...
    £160.80 £134.00
  4. Avaya J179 IP Phone
    The Avaya J179 is a high performing IP phone with an advanced feature set: colour display with 4 soft keys and 8 program...
    £190.80 £159.00
  5. Avaya J100 Wireless Module
    The Avaya J100 Wireless Module expands the capabilities of the Avaya J129 and Avaya J179 IP phones.
    £54.00 £45.00
  6. Avaya JMB24 Button Expansion Module
    The Avaya JMB24 expands the programmable key for the Avaya J167 / Avaya J179 IP Phones
    £216.00 £180.00
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6 Items

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