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ATL Phones

ATL Telecom is a manufacturer and supplier of telecoms devices particularly well known for its Berkshire Telephones which come in a variety of features with VoIP and Bluetooth versions available online.

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  1. ATL Delta 700 2 Line Phone
    The ATL Delta 700 is a two-line CLI* Featurephone with 32 two-touch speed dial memories. The ATL Delta 700 features incl...
    £54.00 £45.00
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  2. ATL Berkshire 800 Telephone
    Greater intelligence within the Berkshire 800 allows us to offer a directory, for storage of 100 name and number locatio...
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  3. ATL Berkshire 400+ Telephone
    The ATL Berkshire 400+ Telephone comes with 12 programable speed dials.
    £36.00 £30.00
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  4. ATL Delta 810 Hotel Telephone
    The ATL Delta 810s small size makes it a perfect hotel bedroom side table telephone.
    £14.40 £12.00
  5. ATL Delta 820 Hotel Telephone
    The Delta 820 has 10 fixed programable keys for useful numbers.
    £27.60 £23.00
  6. ATL Mocet IP-3032 PoE VoIP Telephone
    The ALT MOCET 3032 four line IP phone with advanced features including high definition audio.
    £69.00 £57.50
  7. ATL Mocet IP-3032E PoE VoIP Telephone
    The ALT MOCET 3032E four line IP phone with advanced features including high definition audio.
    £70.80 £59.00
  8. ATL Mocet IP-3062 PoE VoIP Telephone
    Combining all the same features available on the less expensive IP-3032 with a larger LCD, more programmable buttons and...
    £97.20 £81.00
  9. ATL Mocet IP-3072 PoE VoIP Telephone
    A programmable unified communications hub for your office, with an integrated multimedia coprocessor
    £173.10 £144.25
  10. ATL Mocet IP-EDMX Extended Dial Module
    The IP-EDMX is an accessory that connects to a MOCET IP-3000 series IP telephone
    £32.10 £26.75
  11. ATL Berkshire 100 Telephone
    The ATL Berkshire 100 is an inexpensive easy to use business phone ideal for users who need a top end phone without top ...
    As low as £24.00 £20.00
  12. ATL Berkshire 200 Telephone
    Whether for reasons of health and safety, or for simply keeping your hands free, the use of a headset is seen by many em...
    As low as £30.00 £25.00
  13. ATL Berkshire 400 Telephone
    When the modern business world demands greater time efficiency from your already busy schedule, use the ability of the B...
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  14. ATL Berkshire 600 Telephone
    Increase the ease with which you manage calls still further and free up your hands with the Berkshire 600 phone. If the ...
    £52.80 £44.00
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  15. ATL Berkshire Spare Curly Cord
    Spare Curly Cord for ATL Berkshire Telephones.
    £6.00 £5.00
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  16. ATL Mocet IP-3092 Communicator and PSU
    The IP Communicator is an innovative accessory designed to provide a superior audio
    £162.60 £135.50
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