Cisco IP Endpoints for Business

Cisco is a byword for enterprise level business communications and has risen to the fore for IP and SIP telephony products and solutions. Apart from the software platforms from Cisco which power Networking, Sucurity, Collaboration, Data Storage and Networking analytics there is a large portolfio of end user products which provide the necessary endpoints for accessing all of these services.
. Here we look at some of the Cisco IP phones which have proves very popular and which all offer easy access to your IP platform. IN general Cisco IP Phones use a proprietary protocol and, hence should be used solely with a Cisco platform, though the Cisco 7800 and the 8800 series can be used on other cloud based systems.

A look at some Cisco IP Phones


Cisco 7911G IP System TelephoneThe Cisco 7911G is a single line IP endpoint telephone with 4 interactive soft keys which provide easy access to business functions and XML based applications.
It is only a single line phone but supports POE ( Power over Ethernet ) and sports a clear LCD display as well as having Cisco Unified CallManager integral.
The 7911G has proved extremely popular for usage in cubicles and smaller working spaces. To a large extent this phone has been superceded by the 7942
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Cisco 7970G IP System TelephoneThe 7970G comes with a large backlit colour screen and provides a high quality duplex speakerphone as well as a dedicated standard headset port ( and 3.5mm jack )
. It is POE and supports Dual Ethernet Switching.
The incorporation of 8 programmable line keys give swift and intuitive access to the operating system.
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Cisco 7975G IP System TelephoneWith its large colour screen, powered by XML based applications the 7975G is a powerful desktop IP endpoint for any office.
It supports multiple VoIP protocols and has 8 programmable buttons. The sound is supported by WideBand audio and the telephone also has a fully duplex speakerphone built in.
It also has Comfort Noise which is an interesting concept for IP telephony whereby : "comfort noise is the white noise generated by an endpoint to suppress the complete silence inherent in a digital system.
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Cisco 7841 SIP PhoneThe 7841 SIP phone is a robust desktop endpoint which supports Cisco on-premises, hosted, Spark Cloud, and third-party hosted call control making it suitable for deployment in a range of business circumstances.
Unlike other models in the 7800 series it supports GigaBit Ethernet.
The 7841 is a 4 line feature phone with WideBand audio ( via handset and speakerphone ) with a high resolution LCS ( monochrome ) display which can be controlled via 4 programmable feature keys.
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Cisco 7942G IP System Telephone The first thing one notices about the Cisco 7942G is the large LCD screen.
The display is controlled by 4 interactive soft keys.
The duplex speakerphone and built-in headset port allow you to work handsfree while the handset delivers excellent wideband audio.
The 7942G is Cisco CallManager compatible and has both integral speakerphone and a built in headset port.
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Cisco 7945G IP System TelephoneThe Cisco 7945G is an IP telephone which provides a smooth user experience, with its large and clear colour screen and XML based user interface which allows business processes to be incorporated into the operating system.
The wonderfully named Skinny Client Control Protocol minimises processing power necessary for the transmission of clear and duplex IP telephone conversation.
It also comes with an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch.
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And a final interesting fact - Cisco was founded in San Francisco - hence the name. The logo also derives from a representation of the famous Golden gate Bridge.