Yealink Cordless DECT IP Telephone

With WiFi pulsing silently throughout most business environments it makes sense to leverage this to provide clear and accessible and extremely convenient cordless communications.
Hence DECT IP handsets have been devised to allow this.

The way in which the Yealink W53P IP Telephone works is that a base station connects to the SIP newtwork via a wired connection and then transmits via DECT ( the same technology as most digital cordless phones ) to up to 8 registered Yealink W53H handsets.

The handset itself carries a vibrant colour screen which houses an icon driven menu that is easy to operate and will support a talk time of up to 18 hours ( with a 200 hour standby ). The handset also has a fully duplex ( simultaneous two way conversation ) speakerphone and a 3.5mm headset jack for convenience.

Sound on the Yealink W53P IP is enhanced with HD Voice, Opus Wideband support and noise cancellation. The Yealink base transmits using sophisticated CAT-iq2.0 DECT technology.

The Yealink W53P IP is a Proprietary IP telephone which means that it will only work with certain telephone systems.

The freedom of movement provided by this Yealink IP DECT phone makes it perfect for use in a business/ workplace environment with disparate staff members. As Yealink says :

As making phone calls while on-the-move becomes a vital part of work in all kinds of business segments, Yealink has been innovating and endeavouring to develop its DECT IP phone solution to deliver better products and services to customers who are seeking for stable and reliable on-the-move communications within their varied working spaces.

The base station ( Yealink W60B ) can also provide connection to compatible Yealink desktop phones such as the YEALINK SIP-T41S via use of the DECT WF40 Dongle.

Yealink W53P IP Telephone

Yealink W53P IP Video