Vodafone unveils MDM system for medium to large companies

Vodafone has launched a mobile device management (MDM) system allowing medium to large businesses to secure and control handsets and tablets which run the Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian,Windows Phone and Windows Mobile operating systems on corporate networks.

Called Vodafone Secure Device Manager (VSDM), the new service uses technology developed by leading US device management firm AirWatch. 02 already offers a mobile device management service using technology from AirWatch rival Zenprise, which has been implemented by premier league football club Arsenal among others.

Vodafone UK Enterprise commercial marketing director Peter Boucher said: “In today’s highly competitive and technology-obsessed marketplace, business must adopt new devices that help them work smarter, but in the midst of so many cyber threats and security breaches some companies are cautious about new innovations. “Vodafone supports British businesses by offering simple-to-use services that give organisations the confidence to make best use of business-enhancing technology. “Vodafone Secure Device Manager is part of Vodafone’s ongoing commitment to help businesses find better ways of working.”

VSDM can be delivered as either an on-premise solution or as a cloud service, allowing firms to manage devices through a portal. Firms can also use it to monitor employee devices connected to a corporate network.

The service provides firms with a number of ways to secure devices, including remote locking and wiping and tracking. It also allows firms to provide secure access to business applications and deliver company information to devices, and allows employees to generate reports delivered to a corporate network.

Set-up charges at £300, with support for each device starting at £1.83 on a minimum 24 month contract. Vodafone is also offering a free 30-day trial.

Source: news mobile. “Vodafone unveils MDM system for medium to large companies“. Issue 513. 7 May 2012.

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