Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Bluetooth Headset Review

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

Plantroniocs Voyager Pro HD Bluetooth Headset Review

The Voyager Pro HD is very easy to pair with another phone. This can be a bug bear of mine. You simply hold the power button down until it starts flashing alternately red and blue. Only takes a few seconds. You’ll obviously have to follow the instructions on your mobile phone to pair it, but it was easy with the iPhone 4.

The latest Bluetooth headset from Plantronics seems to be taking the headset world by storm, here are a few comments that we think need to be considered when considering whether to buy this product.

Positives In terms of sound quality, I found the Pro HD to be excellent. The calls were coming through perfectly clear. Perhaps because of their length, the microphones were picking me up perfectly, which is always important in a two way conversation, especially if you are conducting important calls or using them for work. The Noise Cancelling feature is not the best available, but Pro HD is good enough to mute the background noise you encounter on a daily basis.

The Voyager Pro HD is full of nifty little tricks. You’re provided with voice based alerts of your headset status including talk time. It can also interface with iPhone and Android devices to show a little battery indicator on the screen. You can use the Vocalyst service to interface with Facebook and email. Probably not a good idea when you’re driving.

The cleverest technology for me is the smart sensor. The Pro HD can tell if it’s placed on your ear. So if you put the headset on, it switches the call to the headset and vice versa. That is a really useful. The same thing applies to streaming music where the audio is paused when the headset is removed.

Negatives The Voyager Pro HD is still large. The design is still being refined with every new version. The microphone is still the same size, but the body is a little smaller. Nothing you can really see with the naked eye.

Other points The Plantronics Voyager Pro has all the regular features you’d expect from a Bluetooth headset. These include being able to listen to music, audio books and other streaming audio. It also has multipoint support, so you can connect to two devices simultaneously and up to eight devices in total. The practical working range is on a par with the market in general at about 5 metres.

The headset is supplied with two extra ear tips and two felt covers. You’re sure to find a combination that fits comfortably. I found Pro HD to be very comfortable despite being on the large size.

Conclusion Because of its excellent performance, the Voyager Pro HD is the perfect headset for people on the move, especially as part of the professional work. Be it by using your car's hands-free Bluetooth or on foot. Its comfort more than outweighs its size, so as long as you don't need a tiny, near-invisible Bluetooth headset, you'll love the Voyager Pro HD.

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD
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