Plantronics - A Giant Leap

Plantronics On The Moon


You really know when you have found a manufacturer with a real heritage when you realise that in 1969 they represented the human race off site for the first time.

Plantronics have been manufacturing headsets since, well, since headsets pretty much came into being in the early 1960's. The company was founded in surf city Santa Cruz, California in 1961 and benefitted from its technologial reliability as well as its growing reputation for innovation.

In the early years Plantronics gained large contracts as sole headset suppliers with the Federal Aviation Agency, United Airlines and the Bell Telephone company.

The company continued the meteoric rise and is now synonymous with the very term headsets, supplying a cast range of communications products the world over; from corded to cordless, from DECT, VoIP, Bluetooth and Wireless Solutions - PLantronics is truly a world leader in its field - headsets.

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Perhaps, though, its giant leap and its claim to a unique piece of history was when Plantronics headsets were used on the Apollo 11 moon mission. in 1969 ( for those of you who are unaware ) the NASA driven project to have a representative of our planet take the first non terrestrial steps was executed with precision. The journey culminated in Neil Armstrong taking those small steps on the moon's surface and a planet, enthralled, listening to his famous words - all broadcast from a Plantronics Headset.

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