Headset Buy Back Scheme

Exchange your Plantronics CS60

Out with the Old, in with the New

At Best4Systems we like to offer our clients a long standing relationship. Because of this we employ dedicated account managers for many of our regular clients who are able, with their knowledge and understanding of their clients' needs, to suggest efficient and economical products and solutions for their communication requirements.

Further to this we also are particularly involved in the refurbishment of existing equipment and the provisioning of second user telephone systems - we run a program whereby a company can return their headsets or telephones to us for a complete revamp, meaning that they come back clean, disinfected and with new consumables such as curly cords, line cords, ear pieces, index cards etc. This is a very economical way to run your in house telecoms acquirements and benefits user and environment.

A new scheme that we have introduced recently is the return and upgrade of old Plantronics CS60 Headsets - these are products which are no longer current portfolio and it is likely that many users will have had these in use for many years. We now buy back these headsets and discount the purchase of brand new upgraded Plantronics CS540 Headsets.

The CS540 is the lightest available DECT headset with 7 hours of talk time, it has fantastic acoustic clarity, utilising wideband technology, it also comes with multiple wearing options such as over the head, over the ear or behind the head - it also has a headset lifter making it compatible with 95% of office telephones. This item usually sells at £132.50 but with the buy back scheme you can get one for only £99

Follow the link to find out more on how to take advantage of Buy Back Offer.

View the Plantronics CS540.