You've been scamed - BBC investigates mobile phone recycling scams

An investigation into mobile phone recycling scams is being carried out by production company Flame TV for BBC One show "You've been Scammed". The programmed launched the probe after being contacted by consumers who were unsatisfied by the service they had received from recycling companies. The complaints included customers being offered less for handsets that they had been quoted on-line and being charged large fees for the return of the handsets when they rejected the updated offer.

Flame TV researcher Michelle Ulster said: "We had a number of people email us complaining about a number of companies. We are trying to establish whether it is just bad business or an out-and-out scam. "The firms appear to be taking the same format of the "cash for gold" scams and applying that to mobile recycling instead. There are genuine mobile recycling companies, but the scammers are piggybacking on their reputation."

Flame TV is planning to air the results of the investigation in August if enough evidence can be gathered. Uslter said consumers who have fallen victim to a scam should get in touch with their local Citizen Advice Bureau, a Trading Standard office, or call the Action Fraud helpline.

Source: news mobile. "BBC Show investigates phone recycling scams". Issue 514. 21 May 2012.

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