About the Aastra VoIP Phones

AastraAastra are a very well established manufacturer of telephones primarily aimed at office and business environments. The company was recently taken over by Mitel creating a billion dollar company with over 60 million end users globally. Their main end user products are desktop telephones which fall into five main categories : SIP Telephones, IP Telephones, Digital Telephones, Microsoft Lync Telephones and to a lesser extent Conference Phones.


A small point to those who do not quite know the difference between VoIP/ IP and SIP - here goes. VoIP can be used to describe all voice traffic which is relayed over the Internet ( as opposed to the PSTN of old ). SIP is an industry standard of SIP protocols, used commonly in arenas such as Microsoft Lync and Unified Communications.

Aastra has several ranges of phones, as above, primarily designed at delivering a desktop phone which will integrate with a VoIP telephone system and come with a host of features designed to improve productivity, efficiency and operator happiness in the office.

Aastra 4200 Series of Phones

These are Aastra's Digital Phones including the Dialog range which offer simple usability and features such as acoustic shock protection, built in speakerphones, additional function keys and with high voice quality. They have been a very popular business phone for many years with a reputation of reliability and durability.

Aastra 4400 IP Phones

The 4400 range brings a new level of operability to the fore with such models as the Aastra Dialog 4425 which has a backlit LCD, full duplex speakerphone and high levels of audio technology including ASP and ACE. A versatile and very good business phone.

Aastra 6700i SIP Phones

Specially designed for SIP deployment the Aastra 6700i series come with advanced XML capability as well as BLF support. Additionally to these great business features we see, in this range the ability to add to functionality with additional expansion modules. Some of these models are specifically designed for use with Microsoft Lync connection whilst others will work on most Unified communications platforms. These telephones are advanced communications devices and extremely configurable to suit your business processes.

Aastra 6800i SIP Phones

These are high end, enterprise level business phones with some models boasting full colour graphic screens and multiline support. Many of the models have high definition sound and programmable keys as well. Indeed these office telephones are the perfect desktop accoutrement for the busy executive. It is a powerful unit which can be adapted to your business processes.

Aastra 7400 IP Phones

Built to integrate with Aastra's own call manager these IP telephones these range from the 7433 which has a three line graphic display to the 7444 with its colour screen, duplex spearkerphone, POE option and the option of additional modules.

In short Aastra phones - a full range of which can be seen here Aastra on Best4Systems - give a broad spectrum of choice for business. Their functionality, expandability and features increase productivity whilst their reliability and build mean a lower total cost of ownership.

Best4Systems are proud to be an Aastra Approved Distributor