Peltor Ear Defenders for MotoGP

MotoGPWe sell headsets of all types to offices, businesses large and small and call centres, these headsets generally do not get to see the light of day. Not so the Peltor package we sent out last week to the team of Sandro Cortese - a Moto GP Rider.

We are very happy with the headsets. They are easy to set up and they are working very well!

In noisy environments ( and we are sure that this qualifies ) people need to both communicate quickly and efficiently and moreover, do so with protection and insulation from background noise. Furthermore the active ear protection actually can dynamically amplify weaker sounds whilst proffering an immediate cut off for sudden impulse sounds.

Sandro Cortese Team

Peltor Ear Defenders

Peltor specialise in the manufacture of ear defending headsets which allow, on top of ear protection, the facility of two way communications between multiple members of a team or workforce, they are designed to the highest standards and meet and surpass all recommendations on protective levels under the Noise in the Workplace Regulations, they come with a range of fittings dependent upon the industry sector involved.

The Peltor Lite-Com III Headband Hearing Protectors we supplied to the Moto GP Team allow a high level of protection with full duplex/ two way conversation over a range of up to two kilometers.
The headsets were well received by their team and they extended their thanks to Best4Systens for the quick supply.

The actual headsets in use can be seen here Peltor Lite-Com Ear Defender - just as in the racing arena, they can provide invaulable communication and ear protection tools in industries such as rail workers, drilling, engineering, military, aviation and more.