Silex PTE Solutions

A new way to collaborate, a better meeting experience

Silex LogoSilexPro brings the ‘Center of Table’ (CoT) concept to the market and in doing so, changes our perception of group collaboration. In the professional world, and for more than 30 years, people have been gathering facing walls to look at projected content or wall-mounted screens and to run video calls. Participants have been missing out on the natural experience, the eye contact and much more.

Your All-in-One collaboration solution

Silex CollaborationThese two devices are unique All-in-One solutions perfectly adapted for group video collaboration. A Silex PTE system is all you need in your room as it has:

  • 3 or 4 IPS capacitive touch screens
  • 3 or 4 HD Cameras
  • An omnidirectional Speakerphone
  • 360 degrees voice tracking
  • Agnostic Video Conferencing
  • Multi-sided whiteboard
  • Session recording
  • Wireless presentation system using standard wireless display protocols for IOS, Windows and Android
SILEX Pro COT Solution

Agnostic Video Conferencing

silex conferencingThe Silex PTE range delivers vendor agnostic connectivity in a quality solution which boasts a host of state-of-the-art features.
Having a video agnostic solution provides you with a universal compatibility across any videoconferencing (VC) platform of your choice and any time.
You can place a call using the VC client of your choice or using the cloud platform of your choice.

Centre of table concept benefits

Silex PTE systems are unique Center of Table video collaboration devices that have no equivalent in the market today. They offer unique advantages that enhance the overall collaboration experience and comfort like nothing else.

  • Great meeting intimacy and comfort: up to 8 people are naturally gathered around the table and are seeing each other. No more neck twisting to look at a wall mounted screen
  • Smaller room size required to fit 8 participants in a Centre of Table setup versus a traditional wall-mounted setup
  • Efficient radial sound distribution from the central embedded Sennheiser speakerphone
  • Great symmetrical audio pickup, since all participants are sitting at an equal distance from the central speakerphone
  • Flexible white-boarding experience for all participants from any of the touch screens.
  • Anyone can annotate while remaining seated and perfectly framed by the camera, and without blocking the screen view from other participants in the room
  • Great and identical viewing experience from any side of the system
  • Optimal placement of the cameras offers the best eye contact experience during video calls
  • All participants around the system look the same size over video

Silex PTE full collaboration kit

Silex PTE is your solution for the most natural and productive meetings in a futuristic environment.
The full collaboration kit for Silex PTE Quattro includes a perfectly dimensioned squared table and an embedded motorized lift.
When installed together, your collaboration space becomes compact, futuristic and elegant while leveraging and optimizing the Silex PTE Quattro benefits and existing unique features.
The table is dimensioned taking into consideration body anatomy standards, viewing distance standards and the PTE Quattro dimensions.
The collaboration experience is thus enhanced without compromising on comfort.
The Silex PTE collaboration table kit will transform your meeting space into a HiTech collaboration area where all technology can be hidden on demand with a push of a button, leaving your space perfectly clean and neat without visible wires.


SILEX Pro COT Solution