Microsoft Skype For Business Telephone Matrix

When it comes to Skype for Business, there are three different ways in which it is deployed within a company;

  1. On Premise Skype for Business - Customer owns private Microsoft Infrastructure from which SFB runs on.
  2. Hosted Skype for Business - Customer ‘rents’ space on someone else’s Microsoft Infrastructure from where SFB runs from. Customer would pay via a subscription model to the ‘provider’.
  3. Online/Office 365 (O365) Skype for Business - Customer purchases Skype for Business as part of their subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

The first 2 options are essentially the same and all Skype for Business phones will work in these scenarios. The problem comes with the Online Skype for Business. Again, most phones will work, but there are a few exceptions which are shown in the table below. This table will be updated regularly as and when new SFB phones and conference phones come to the market. Please don't hesitate to contact us if your SFB phone does not appear.

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Telephone On Premise Skype for Business Hosted Skype for Business Online/Office 365 (O365) Skype for Business
Mitel 6725 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom CX300 R2 Yes Yes Yes *
Polycom CX500 Yes Yes No
Polycom CX600 Yes Yes Yes *
Polycom CX3000 Yes Yes Yes *
Polycom VVX201 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX300 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX301 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX310 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX311 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX400 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX401 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX410 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX411 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX500 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX501 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX600 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom VVX601 Yes Yes Yes
Polycom Real Presence Trio Yes Yes Yes
Yealink T40 Yes Yes No
Yealink T42 Yes Yes No
Yealink T46 Yes Yes No
Yealink T48 Yes Yes No
* USB Tethering - Only if connected directly to the device running the software.