Yealink MP Range - Android Deskphones

Desktop IP Phones with Colour Touchscreens

If you are back in the office and looking for a deskphone to really make you feel like you are back in a professional environment then the Yealink MP Series of desktop IP Phones may well suit your requirements.

The Yealink MP Range are Microsoft Teams dedicated telephones which run on Android. This allows flexibility for the GUI ( user interface ) whilst ensuring a smooth, intuitive operation of the phone and its functions.

Yealink MP50 IP Phone

This is the most affordable of the MP Series. It features a 4 inch touchscreen, 3 USB ports and HD Audio. One button access to Teams is available via the dedicated button and the phone will connect to Teams automatically. Optimal Audio gives clear sound as does the duplex speakerphone.

On the 4-inch touch screen, the connected devices could be managed through simple clicks. And for calling controls, Yealink MP50 offers both hard key pad as well as the touchable display for call answering, holding, muting and speaker mode, which provides a well-ordered working experience and delivers a unified, intuitive and visible interactive experience.

Yealink MP54 IP Phone

With out of the box Office 365 Support this Yealink phone is a powerful desktop unit. Sound quality is very good with Optimal HD audio and Yealink Noise Proof Technology. The large colour screen is easy to use and the keypad is almost minimalistic in its form.

Featuring a 4-inch capacitive touch screen, hard-key buttons with dedicated Teams button for intuitive call controls, the MP54 with embedded Teams application enables voice communications through the desk device with ease for offices workers and users in common areas or front desks.

Yealink MP56 IP Phone

This luxury desktop phone from Yealink has a huge 7 inch screen which carries an Android interface customised for Microsoft Teams. It has built in Bluetooth as well as dual band WiFi. Like most of the new MP Series it carries advanced audio capabilities along with auto-provisioning for easy deployment.

Yealink MP56 is designed for office workers. Not only features a 7-inch capacitive touch screen for rich visual presentation and easy menu navigation, the MP56 also owns a Teams-tailored user interface, a dedicated Teams button, key calling functionality, and a faster response speed. All of these provide users with convenient Teams communications and efficient office environment.

Yealink MP58 IP Phone

The Yealink MP58 has a large and adjustable 7 inch screen funning on Android. With dual port Ethernet, PoE support and expandable visa the EXP50 Module this is a powerful yet elegant desk phone that brings Teams to the fore whilst allowing advanced functionality on a host of other platforms and apps.

Featuring an 7-inch capacitive touch screen, the MP58 brings rich visual presentation with the Teams-tailored user interface, offering intuitive and familiar navigation. The classic hard key pad with a dedicated Teams button also allows direct operation for quick respond. Along with the adjustable display and ergonomic design handset, Yealink MP58 delivers consistent and user-friendly Teams experience with high efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion the YEALINK MP IP PHONES offer some of the most advanced and well considered innovations in desktop IP telephony. Their advanced chipsets bring increased stability, speed and security to the devices. The Android Operating Systems brings a freedom whilst being personalised for an optimal Teams experience.

If you would like more information on how the Yealink MP Telephones then get in touch with our team here.