Latest Business IP Solutions from Yealink

Being responsive to changes and demands in the marketplace, Yealink has designed and developed its new T5 Business Phone Series, the most advanced IP desktop phone portfolio in the industry. Leading the way in new personalized collaboration, the Yealink T5 Business Phone Series provides the best possible personalized collaboration experience for businesses of all sizes.

With the Yealink T5 Business Phones, you can help your business benefit from the advanced telephony features, next-generation communication experience and great flexibility, and eventually unleash the power of remote collaboration via certified Microsoft Teams Models.

Yealink are fast becoming one of the most sought after suppliers of VoIP endpoints ; conference phones, telephones, headsets and meeting room solutions. Here are a few of their top selling business IP phones

Yealink SIP-T55A

HD Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-FI Support

Microsoft Teams certified IP Phone with 4'3' touchscreen

Yealink SIP-T56A

Android OS, Large 7′ Colour Screen, Web Browser, 16 VoIP Accounts

Smart Media Phone that provides an enriched HD audio experience.

Yealink SIP-T58A

Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, 7-Inch 1024 x 600 Colour Touch Screen

Transforms into a video phone with addition of the Yealink CAM50

Yealink MP56 IP

Yealink’s integrated Optima HD audio and Noise Proof technology

Certified for Microsoft Teams, dedicated Teams Button, Touchscreen Display, Gigabit Ethernet

The Yealink T5 Business Phone Series introduces seven phone models for productive desktop communication and collaboration demands. The Yealink Prime Business Phones T53, T53W, T54W and T57W are ideal for highly active voice communication users. The Yealink Smart Business Phones T58A and T58A with Camera, and the Flagship Smart Video Phone VP59 are professional desktop collaboration tools well suited for executive offices and huddle rooms, delivering cutting-edge capabilities and affordable access to professional HD video.

Yealink VP59 Smart Video IP Phone

The Yealink VP59 is an Android based video phone that has been designed for executive and teleworkers with a large touch screen display and HD audio.

Yealink SIP-T58V IP Smart Media Phone

The Yealink SIP-T58V IP is an intuitive Smart Media Phone that provides an enriched HD audio and video called experience for business professionals.

Yealink SIP-T53W Prime Business IP Phone

The Yealink SIP-T53W is a user-friendly IP phone with an adjustable display, up to 12 VoIP accounts and integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

Work from Home?

For remote workers without a home office, Yealink provides a flexible and affordable voice and video device solution for Microsoft Teams. Whether when you work, study, teach from home or need telemedicine, you can enjoy the best Teams device solution from Yealink according to the particular demands. 

Yealink Teams Telephones will also work with the following platforms: