Yealink CP965 for Best Conferencing

We are pleased to review the latest conference phone from Yealink – the Yealink CP965. This has been designed for conference / meeting rooms from medium to larger sized areas. It has been built using Android – an ‘open source’ operating system that is fast becoming the ‘go to’ for many non mobile device manufacturers. The beauty of Android is that it supports a wide range of protocols, has an easily customisable user interface and is a robust and well tested ecosystem for apps and features.

Yealink CP965 is designed for medium and large-sized conference rooms. Based on Android 9.0 system, it is a flagship HD conference phone with powerful voice conferencing features and easy control operation. CP965 adopts a business and introverted design that perfectly matches the calm style of the conference room, but also a acoustic fabric, which is impervious to any accidental liquid spills. Its fingerprint-proof LCD screen with a clear UI interaction page makes it easy for everyone to control the meeting. the CP965 has 13 built-in microphones, providing you with a clear and natural conference call experience. In addition, you can also connect the CP965 to your mobile device (such as PC device, smart phone, etc.) via Bluetooth or USB to achieve a variety of UC hybrid meeting modes. The CP965 can be connected with 3 CPs in star shape to realize synchronous sound pickup and playback, providing users with an optimum audio experience. The Yealink CP965 provides you with a new intelligent voice conferencing solution, which is the ideal office assistant for your conference room.

CP965 | The “Black Box”

As you can see in the image, the user interface is a familiar one. The Android operating system allows a familiar and easy access to features and functionality.

So, with the Yealink CP 965 conference phone, we have an expandable unit, driven by a robust and agile operating system which is laid upon top class enterprise components. This delivers a truly immersive meeting room experience.
With an increasing proportion of meetings being held online via such platforms as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, businesses can be assured that the CP965 will deliver an optimal meeting experience.

Main Features Include

  • Large – 5 inch Screen – touch sensitive
  • HD Sound
  • Integral WiFi
  • VoIP Conference Phone
  • 6 meter range