Where to use Gai-Tronics Telephones

Gai Tronics StockistGai-Tronics are a division of Hubbell Ltd who are a manufacturer of a variety of electrical and communications components. Gai Tronics specialise in Vandal-Resistant Telephones, Hazardous Area Telephones and Intercoms, Rail and Station Weather Resistant Telecoms Equipment and public area telephones as well - indeed anywhere where a phone will be used under abnormal conditions.

Public Help Point Phone

Take for example a help point in a railway station - a phone built for such a use will have to fulfil different criteria than one intended for desktop use. It will need to be :

  • » easy to clean
  • » weather proof
  • » vandal proof
  • » highly visible
  • » simple to use

Titan metal bodied weather resistant telephoneIn this instance - a help point telephone - one would usually require no buttons as its a lift to talk scenario where a person will generally just lift the phone to talk to an operator or advisor and, if necessary, be put through to someone else - an example of this is the Titan 0 Button telephone which, as you will see from the image, has bright yellow aluminium casing which is easily visible, easy to clean and super strong, with the additional flourishes of sealed watertight glands and a reinforced steel cord for the handset.

Vandal Proof 15 Button Phone

Titan metal bodied vandal proof telephoneWhere full communications are necessary Gai Tronics have the 15 Button Telephone which is a popular choice in remote areas. It boasts the same durable and robust construction and design as teh 0 button model but has a full keypad, allowing full access to the PSTN or a local exchange and call handling options such as recall, mute and redial. Further the Titan Models are fully network compatible and available in SIP versions and have inductive couplers for those who wear hearing aids.

Gai Tronics ATEX Telephones

In other environments it is necessary to take the level of protection a little further such as the ATEX ( from the French : ATmosphères EXplosibles. ) range of telephones from Gai-Tronics which are designed for hazardous areas where there is a possibility of fire or explosion due to the environment containing gases, vapours, chemicals or dust. Here Gai Tronics have created ranges of highly durable and hard wearing models with a high level of thought into personal safety.

Areas in which you need a Gai-Tronics Telephone

The simple answer is anywhere outside or public. However here is a list of common places that a Gai Tronics telephone is installed :

  • » prisons
  • » hospitals
  • » oil and gas
  • » railway areas
  • » general transport
  • » mining and tunneling
  • » industrial

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