What is Unified Communications?

unified communicationsUnified Communications or UC is essentially the amalgamation of key communication services, i.e. instant messaging, displaying user states of availability via - ACD ( Automated Call Distribution ) & BLF ( Busy Lamp Field ) - video conferencing , enhanced call control, Voice mail to email, Fax and SMS are amongst a few to mention.
Unified Comms can be categorised by a number of different products that enable a constant user interface and collaborative experience across a of myriad devices and media-formulae such as:

  • Smart phones
  • Desktop PC
  • Laptop
  • Desk phone

unified communications

A unified communications platform will enable you to send a message on one device and then receive the same information on another.
A perfect example of a unified communications service is VM (Voicemail to email). Once this service or licence has been enabled a user can receive a voicemail and then choose either listen to it on their desk phone, on their smart phone or to open it via e-mail. Upon opening the email the user will be presented with the telephone or extension number, the name of the person that has called (providing the CLI has not been hidden, in which case ‘withheld’ would be displayed), time, date the voicemail was left and even go as far as to be able listen to the voicemail message via a .WAV file attachment, which can be emailed to another colleague or stored on your PC or Smart Phone hard drive for future reference.

voice message

As long as the recipient of the voicemail message is registered as online and available using the unified BLF states; then a response can be sent straight away through Instant Messaging, Video Chat, SMS... or a simple phone call.
Another great tool within a unified communications platform is the desktop control application. This is usually a windows application that encompasses telephone call control, call statistics, user availability, instant messaging, integration with Microsoft Outlook, click to dial and many other collaborative tools.

unity agent

A unified communications platform such as our Avalle hosted service will allow you to collaborate and work smarter from anywhere in the world, providing you have access to broadband.

Top recommended products in the UC - Unified Communications field are : Polycom Soundpoint 321, the IP 5000, the Plantronics CS540 and the Avalle AV601n Headset

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