What are Microsoft Teams Rooms?


We have followed the transition of Skype to Skype for Business through to Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Teams. We then, watched, enthralled at the pandemic forced and rapid evolution of the service provided by Microsoft Teams as a collaborative platform for disperse participants. In the early days of ‘work from home’ people who had never considered video meetings clamoured for webcams and headsets. Usage of Microsoft Teams in 2020 increased massively. In pre-corona times of November 2019 Teams had a user base of 20 million and growing steadily. By April 2020 this was 75 million. Now, in 2022 this figure sits closer to 150 million ( and rising ).

So, most of us now are familiar with Microsoft Teams as a way to keep in touch, share files, project manage and, generally… collaborate. But many products and services are now aimed at MTR ( Microsoft Teams Rooms ) so we ask ourselves – what is a Microsoft Teams Room and what is the difference between a MTR and a normal Teams installation?

In Microsoft’s Words

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a modern meeting space solution that brings together the digital workspace of Microsoft Teams with dedicated first- or third-party audio and video devices, certified by Microsoft. Teams Rooms were purposefully built to help remove the barriers between spaces, places, and people, delivering the best Teams meeting experience to any space. Thoughtfully designed, Teams Rooms delivers meeting experiences with all participants in mind, not just those in the room.

With a rich ecosystem of connected meeting devices, powered by an intuitive app built by Microsoft for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Rooms turn any meeting space into an easy-to-use and inclusive collaboration space where everyone has a place at the table, regardless of where they sit.

Teams Rooms are designed to:

  • Foster inclusive, collaborative meetings, bridging the gap between workspaces, so everyone has a place at the same virtual table, no matter where they join from.
  • Deliver consistent and intuitive Microsoft Teams experiences that allow people to easily schedule, join, and participate in meetings quickly.
  • Turn any space into an inclusive and easy-to-use meeting space with a wide selection of devices to flexibly scale to fit every need and space.
  • Keep devices secured, reliable, and up to date through rich management capabilities.

A Teams Room is designed to give all meeting participants an inclusive and reliable experience

Microsoft Teams Rooms Products

As Microsoft is committed to delivering the optimal meeting experience it will only certify the very best products for use with Teams Rooms Solutions, indeed some Teams Room products will only deliver their full potential when connected to a MTR. Hence by using the correct products one is guaranteed a premium experience. Microsoft has aligned with only the best manufacturers for this very reason.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Licence Cost

Well, to start off one requires a licence to access the full functionality of MTR, these start at £11.30 device/month for Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard; rising to £37.70 device/month for Teams Rooms Premium ( free trials are available ). The premium version brings a host of monitoring, rich analytics, integration and update enhancements which would be very attractive for the enterprise user.

prices subject to change

So, in essence, Microsoft Teams Rooms are the entire physical environment : video cameras, screens, microphones, dictation machines, pointers etc, that make up the MTR ecosystem. The MTR platform itself runs on an advanced version of Teams, allowing, even forcing an even purer and optimal experience.